Two sizes of Dehiya's The Glow Argan Beldi x Santal
The Glow in a 50mL glass jar with white lid and white label.
A swipe of The Glow to show its thick, gelatinous texture.
Two sizes of Dehiya's The Glow Argan Beldi x Santal

The Glow

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A full spectrum hemp-infused, multi-functional, lightweight balm concentrate made up of skin-boosting plant botanicals and oils to sooth & calm reactive skin; boost, repair and hydrate maturing skin; and relieve sore muscles, joint pain, menstrual cramps and inflammation.  The combination of 100mg of phytocannabinoids, coupled with 23 plant botanicals makes this balm a stress-relieving, anti-inflammation, antioxidant powerhouse.

Boost hydration, collagen & cell renewal, sooth acne flare-ups, inflamed or reactive skin, sun & stress relief, balance mood, calm anxiety, reduce sleeplessness, sooth sore muscles, joints & menstrual cramps. You may experience positive results within minutes & continued positive benefits over time with regular use. Apply as needed to face and body.

  • anti-inflammatory
  • pain relieving
  • calming/soothing/relaxing
  • healing
  • hydrating
  • cell-renewing
  • collagen boosting