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A close up of a mid toned hand comes into frame from the right hand side. The skin is moist and the fingernails are painted with Powder Down nail polish from Hello Birdie in a neutral beige hue. The background is out of focus with half in shadow of a black brick wall and wood panel.
A close up of a hand cradling a bottle of Powder Down nail polish from Hello Birdie which is a neutral beige hue. The nails are painted with the same color and the bottle is cube shaped with white cap and text. The background is in shadow.
White Hello Birdie stacked logo beautifully printed in white on a glass cube shaped nail polish bottle. The fresh white logo matches the crisp white cylindrical cap. Under the logo the words "Nail Polish" and ".15ml / .5fl oz." are printed in white. The polish has a soft beige hue in the bottle.

Powder Down

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For a creamy finish, Powder Down is a neutral dark beige hue.

Hello Birdie nail polishes are a highly pigmented, soft-as-silk creamy formulation, delivering even coverage with a brilliant shine. 

10-Free. Cruelty Free. Vegan. Made in California.