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a Close up of a bottle of No Harm No Fowl nail polish from Hello Birdie. The polish is a dark green hue and is on the nails, the skin tone is medium. The thumb has a silver ring and the background is white
A close up of the fingers of a model with medium skin tone wearing No Harm No Fowl nail polish from Hello Birdie. The nails are a glossy dark green and one finger has a silver ring. Daylight sun creates a hard shadow of the hand on a papery light dusty rose background.
Nail art using layered organic shapes with multiple colors over negative space nail design of the thumb. "Bird of Prey" (deep crimson) is layered under "Eggsitential" (deep muted teal), "I Wanna Be Nest to You" (muted chestnut brown) and finished with three (forrest green) dots of "No Harm No Fowl". The nail art is coated with "Matte Top Coat" and has a velvety matte finish.
White Hello Birdie stacked logo beautifully printed in white on a glass cube shaped nail polish bottle. The fresh white logo matches the crisp white cylindrical cap. Under the logo the words "Nail Polish" and ".15ml / .5fl oz." are printed in white. The polish has a dark green hue in the bottle.

No Harm No Fowl

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Uber chic and effortlessly cool, No Harm No Fowl is a forest green color.

Hello Birdie nail polishes are a highly pigmented, soft-as-silk creamy formulation, delivering even coverage with a brilliant shine. 

10-Free. Cruelty Free. Vegan. Made in California.