A Mihakka woven in red and shaped like a saucer with a knob.
A mihakka woven in black and shaped like a saucer with a knob.
A mihakka woven in blush and shaped like a saucer with a knob.


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 Dehiya's Mihakkat are handcrafted of terra-cotta and covered with organic cotton, dyed with natural pigments extracted from the flowers and clay indigenous to the Atlas Mountains. It is a perfect addition to your skincare ritual for extra exfoliation with your beldi soap. Can be used on the face, body and feet.

Directions: Wet the flat surface of the Mihakka then apply Alia deep cleanser or a cleanser of your choice. Holding the tool flat against the face, cleanse in circular motions, applying light pressure for the desired exfoliation. 

Special Care: After use, your Mihakka should be rinsed thoroughly and laid on its side to dry (flat surface facing upwards). Your Mihakka should be sanitized 1-2x/month. You can boil it on a simmer for 90 seconds. 

After your Mihakka begins to unravel, use the clay piece as a food scrubber.

  • Handmade and dyed in Marrakech, Morocco at a local women-owned co-op.

  • Imported.

  • Colors may vary depending on plant dyes available. Each Mihakka is unique and variations may occur.