Dehiya Alia in a soft glass jar with black lid
Dehiya Alia jar opened up revealing a thick honey colored jelly texture, with the black cap to the side.
A smear of the honey colored Alia cleanser revealing its thick jelly-like texture.
A box of Alia in a blush cream color with a muted orange band at the top.

Alia Argan Beldi Cleanser Original

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Full Size 60ml/2oz


The argan oil beldi not only deep cleanses but helps prepare the skin for exfoliation and moisture, leaving skin soft and supple after just one use.

Good for: All skin types, particularly sensitive skin.

Massage into wet skin. Add water as needed. For best results, use daily and follow with Zahra Serum-in-Oil. Depending on your skin type and seasonal needs, adjust the frequency of use. Preps skin to receive serums and moisturizers.

Saponified Argania Spinosa L. (Argan) Oil. 


*Variations in texture & color may occur. Being an all-natural product, crystallization can occur due to temperature or air exposure but does not affect efficacy.
**Color may vary based upon local harvesting. If your beldi is darker in color it’s because of the heat of the summer which allows the Argan fruit to ripen more fully. Color does not affect efficacy.