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A deep toned hand clutches a bottle of Peacocking Top Coat nail polish from Hello Birdie which is a holographic fine glitter wash. The bottle is cube shaped with a white cap and text and the polish is on the fingernails. The hand is brightly lit and against a sandy colored paper.
Peacocking Top Coat
White Hello Birdie stacked logo beautifully printed in white on a glass cube shaped nail polish bottle. The fresh white logo matches the crisp white cylindrical cap. Under the logo the words "Nail Polish" and ".15ml / .5fl oz." are printed in white. The polish has a glittery holographic hue in the bottle but is translucent holographic on the nails as top coat.

Peacocking Top Coat

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Sparkling and playful, Peacocking is a fine grain holo glitter top coat.  It may be used on it's own or over any color!  

Non-toxic. Cruelty Free. Vegan. Made in California.