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Have we met?

We have a few new additions to the Hello Birdie flock since this summer, have you met them yet? Let's get introduced! Be sure to click on their names to fly straight to their pages to give them some love, and, as always, you can request them when you book here! Alba Arielle Napa Lenora

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Fall in love with this DIY water marble design!

Mmm... The start of Fall is only days away, which means it is time to switch up color palettes. Not ready to let go of your bright hues? This water marble design using our Hello Birdie polishes is the perfect marriage of boisterous summer swatches and rich fall tones. Check out our latest video tutorial!

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Pink Dream DIY

Summer is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean we are abandoning the bright, warm palettes just yet! One of our most recent nail art designs by Alina features a soft matte pink topped with glistening swirls. We wanted to share how you can achieve this look at home using one perfect shade of Hello Birdie classic polish and two Hello Birdie top coats in two different finishes.

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